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Drunken thug, 16, left me like this

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Steven Cloak ended up with half his forehead missing after he was punched to the ground and booted in the skull.

Attacker Jack Hobbs, drunk on sambuca and beer, claimed his victim bumped into him outside a takeaway then “looked at him”.


New mum astonished as her baby girl is born with teeth

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Breast feeding can be uncomfortable at the best of times, but one mother who found it particularly painful was amazed to discover her new baby already had two front teeth.

Patricia Caulfield, 25, from Liverpool, said she noticed her daughter Fiona’s pearly whites a day after her birth at Ormskirk hospital.


Unmasked: The 14-year-old Mexican ‘hitman’ called El Ponchis ‘who killed seven people’

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A 14-year-old U.S. citizen suspected of being a hitman for a drugs cartel in Mexico has been captured.

Edgar Jimenez, known as ‘El Ponchis’ (The Cloaked One) is believed to have worked as a hitman for a Morelos drugs gang, based just outside of Mexico City.


Sterilised in a 10-minute operation, back home in half an hour

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However, earlier this year medics warned the full-time mum that having an eleventh baby would kill her.

The 33-year-old, from Gillingham, Kent, says:


I spent 41 years looking for my mum and she died the day before we were due to meet

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There, a poignant message from beyond the grave answered the question that had occupied his thoughts for most of his life.

His mother Nora had written:

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