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Reading The Tale of the Harmattan from Cape Town

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By Dike Okoro

Absorbing, startling and uncannily pitched to public and private issues that penetrate the social climate and upheaval of present-day Nigeria and Africa might be the best way to describe prolific Nigerian scholar-poet, Tanure Ojaide’s new poetry collection, The Tale of the Harmattan.


Burma boys and strange wars

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By Ikhide R. Ikheloa (Nnamdi)

“No European writer could have written Things Fall Apart”, says Ernest Emenyonu, who chairs the department of Africana studies at the University of Michigan at Flint. It was “a new kind of writing,” for two reasons: the first was the way Achebe made the colonizer’s language his own. By incorporating Igbo speech patterns, proverbs, folk tales and beliefs, he invented an English that could “articulate African aesthetics and African poetics.” The second was that he “explored the psychology of imperial conquest” and challenged Eurocentric views.


Book Review

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Book Title:     Real Babes Love Jesus
Author:          Grace Ozioma Onotu
Publishers:    Bethel Creations.
Reviewer:      Joy Baba

“Real Babes Love Jesus” (2012) by Grace Ozioma Onotu is a book which turn search light on how ladies should live their lives to fulfill their God ordained mission in this perverse generation.


A Novel that Shines the Eye

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By Nal Abdelrasaq

Naked Light and the Blind Eye (2010, Future Fiction London) by Sanya Osha avoids all the usual clichés  one comes to expect from a typical post-colonial novel. 


In the name of our sisters: Everything Good Will Come

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By Ikhide R. Ikheloa (Nnamdi)

So she called me the other day, fruit of the loins of the son of my grandpa’s brother. And she said, you must come visit us, you must bring your family to Chicago to come see us. We are family, she said, it is good to do these things, she said, peering past the tattered curtains of our fraying relationships. And my heart said, go to Chicago and rest a bit.

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