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Would you stand by your man when he falls?

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By Jamila Nuhu Musa with agency report

Remember the way it used to be? In the developed world, how a disgraced politician would stand at a podium, admitting guilt, acknowledging homosexuality or of having an affair with prostitutes while his shamefaced wife stands loyally by his side. In Africa, the affected wife would bemoan the embarrassment, shed some tears and probably ask for a divorce or live with it as his array of girlfriends and mistresses may as well be a status symbol.


Insecurity: How women can help Nigeria

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By Miriam Humbe with online reports

The rising wave of terrorism, violent crimes, ritual killings, rape, prostitution and general moral laxity in Nigeria and around the world including lack of respect for elders and constituted authority, has been blamed on neglect for the proper upbringing of children. More often than not, the blame is usually placed at the feet of the mothers who are saddled with the responsibility of inculcating in their young ones,


Coping with widowhood

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By Miriam Humbe

Widows, they are everywhere are on various ages. Presently, with the rise in violence and armed conflicts, the days of widows being women have passed as many young ladies across the country are now bearing the pains and anguish of widowhood.


With planning and resilience, women can always achieve their goals —College don

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Halima Oziohu Sulaiman is the Deputy Provost of Federal College of Education, Okene in Kogi state. A woman of many parts, she shares some of her experiences in this interview with Augustine Aminu.


Meeting the challenge of being a single mum

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The coping strategies in this article come from Michele's interviews from single moms who've "been there" and found ways to work through the brokenness and live in hope.

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