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Peoples Daily is Published by Peoples Media Limited (RC 717638),


About Us

Peoples Daily is Published by Peoples Media Limited (RC 717638).

;Peoples Media Ltd is a duly incorporated company registered in Nigeria  with Malam Wada Maida, Malam Bilya Bala and Hajiya Halita Aliyu as principal promoters. They are tested entrepreneurs with collective experience in excess of 90 years. 


“To be the market place of ideas and the leading player in the industry by putting the people first, upholding the truth maintaining the highest professional and ethical standards while delivering value to our stakeholders’’



  • To be the newspaper that will report Abuja to Abuja; report Abuja authoritatively in its politics and governance to the nation and the world.
  • To be a newspaper that is owned by the readers. To be highly interactive and dedicated to” citizen journalism” with citizens giving independent accounts of events and happenings around them.
  • To inform the public and decision makers alike, through accurate, well balanced reporting and editorials.
  • To support the executive, the legislative and the judiciary in delivering on their constitutionally defined roles and act as a fulcrum in ensuring a robust governance framework.
  • To act as a watch dog, exposing corruption and injustices thereby engendering accountability, transparency and public scrutiny of public and private sector officials and government policies and programs. To act as a “critical link in the accountability chain between the government and the governed”
  • To be a socially responsible company.




Fundamental to the accomplishment of our mission are our values.




Guiding these values are the following principles to which we adhere strictly and fervently:


Truth is the bedrock of our business. We will uphold the truth at all times and in all our dealings with all stakeholders.


We are committed to a total quality culture. We will imbibe quality as away of life and benchmark all our services against international best practices.

Customer satisfaction and relationship management is an important cornerstone of our business. We must treat our customers with care and courtesy. We must strive to exceed their expectations at all times.

Commitment to continuous innovation is essential to remaining competitive and meeting the aspirations of our stakeholders. We will, therefore, experiment with new ideas, develop innovative programs and carry out research and development activities. We will operate in an efficient, effective, cost conscious and goal oriented manner.

Employee Empowerment:
All employees will be empowered to use their skills, creativity, imagination and ingenuity to improve the quality of their work life and the effectiveness of our company. Our company will be an open collaborative place where team work will be encouraged, success shared and exuberantly celebrated.

We place a high premium on our individual and corporate integrity. We are a good corporate citizen and contribute positively to the communities in which we live and work.


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